Welcome to Metis’s world! In this section, you will find a collection of my favorite crochet projects. You can browse according to category, check out my latest posts, or search for ideas based on tags.

Whatever you do, have fun and let me know how your crochet project turned out!

I have to ask one final favor of you: Please keep in mind that these projects here are my intellectual property, so that means that you can crochet them yourself, even give them to friends as gifts, but you may not sell them or in any other way make a profit off them. Thanks for your understanding and support!

The Basics

Crochet Terminology

As you may know, the terms for stitches used in the UK differ somewhat from those used in the US, so I have prepared an overview in this post to explain the similarities and differences.

Check Out My Latest Posts

Basic Couch Cushion

Self-made cushions make any couch or bed prettier and in this beginner’s version, they are surprisingly easy to make.

Easy Loop in Rows

Here comes the design for a loop with a great wavy pattern. You crochet in rows and can adapt it to your own size requirements.

Easy and Fun – Round Kitchen Sponges

Sponges are one of those essential items found in every household – and now you can crochet your own! They come in three different sizes, so pick your favorites and start crocheting.