On this page, I collect all sorts of general information, tips, and tricks intended to help you in your own kitchen exploits. I have also added the basic recipes to make sourdough and yeast water since I refer to them quite often in my baking posts. I will update this section as needed, so let me know if you think anything is missing here.

Tips & Tricks

This is a list of little tipps and tricks that you may find helpful when baking and cooking. I will continue to update this as I grow the blog further. Let me know if there are things you feel are missing here!

A Word on Equipment

What kind of equipment do you need for cooking and baking? I will update this list as needed.

Baking with Sourdough

Sourdough is a natural leavening agent and the best way to get heavy doughs to rise. In this post, I explain how to make sourdough yourself and use it in baking.

Yeast Water

Yeast water is a natural and self-made alternative to industrial yeast. Int his post, I explain how to make it (no worries, it’s really easy).

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