On this page, I post all my recipes and suggestions for making awesome, yummy pizza! I have a few suggestions on how to make your own pizza dough (whether with yeast or with sourdough), how to cook your own pizza sauce, and – of course – a growing collection of suggsetions for toppings.

If you have any suggestions for me or would like for me to try a particular topping, let me know on on Instagram and Twitter. I would be more than happy to give your ideas a try!

Pizza Doughs

Wheat Pizza Dough with Sourdough

This is a quick and easy pizza dough that does not take long to prepare and requires only a few basic ingredients. Keep in mind, though, that this dough relies on sourdough as raising agent, so you need to give it enough time to do its job.

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough with Yeast

If you have a spontaneous pizza craving, then a pizza dough made with sourdough is not for you! But fear not, here comes a quick and easy recipe for pizza dough made with yeast – and if you use whole wheat flour, then the dough is even (a bit) healthy.

Pizza Sauce

Pizza Sauce

Well, if you are making your own pizza dough, then the next step is to cook your own pizza sauce, really. It tastes so much better than store-bought tomato sauce!

Pesto alla Genovese

Pesto alla Genovese is a classic pesto made from pine nuts, basil, a bit of cheese and olive oil. You can use it for pasta or as a base for pizza.

Pizza Toppings

Arugula Pizza

I have been re-discovering arugula and so it did not take long for me to put it on pizza. You can spice up this classic version by using pesto alla Genovese instead of the standard tomato pizza sauce.

Spicy Chicken Pizza

This pizza takes a bit longer to prepare, but the effort is absolutely worth it! Depending on how much curry powder you add, the chicken pieces can become quite spicy, giving this pizza an interesting twist.

Italian Veggie Pizza

This pizza is my personal favorite because it is a simple, yet healthy, veggie option made with zucchini and eggplant.