“Basta, I want pasta!” – Pasta is one of those universally popular food items. There are so many different types of pasta and so many different sauces that the possibilities seem endless. 🙂 On this page I am listing all my pasta experiements; let me know if you have any suggestions or idas.

Pesto alla Genovese

Pesto alla Genovese is a classic pesto made from pine nuts, basil, a bit of cheese and olive oil. You can use it for pasta or as a base for pizza.

Spaetzle and Veggie Mix

Have you heard about spaetzle? It is a complicated word but refers to a very delicious type of food: a type of pasta typical for the South Germany, especially the region of Swabia. Spaetzle are made with fresh eggs and are therefore softer than the classic Italian pasta you are already familiar with.

Spaghetti Carbonara

I am a big pasta fan and spaghetti carbonara is one of my comfort foods, especially when my husband cooks it. The creamy sauce contains a lot of “delicious points” and makes (almost) everything seem better straight away.

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