We do not eat a lot of meat, but every once in a while, it is a nice addition to our meal plan. We make a point of getting high-quality meats from our local, trusted butcher who only sells meat from local farms. Not only does it taste better, it also makes us eat it more consciously. In this section, I have collected all the recipes that make use of meat or fish.

Stir-Fry Meal with Vienna Sausage

This stir-fry meal can be cooked in one pot and features lots of different vegetables as well as some Vienna sausages for a twist.

Arugula Pizza

I have been re-discovering arugula and so it did not take long for me to put it on pizza. You can spice up this classic version by using pesto alla Genovese instead of the standard tomato pizza sauce.

Spicy Chicken Pizza

This pizza takes a bit longer to prepare, but the effort is absolutely worth it! Depending on how much curry powder you add, the chicken pieces can become quite spicy, giving this pizza an interesting twist.

Spaghetti Carbonara

I am a big pasta fan and spaghetti carbonara is one of my comfort foods, especially when my husband cooks it. The creamy sauce contains a lot of “delicious points” and makes (almost) everything seem better straight away.

Spinach Roll with Salmon

I have made this roll repeatedly over the years whenever I have been asked to contribute a dish to a potluck dinner or brunch. You can prepare it in advance and it is usually popular because of the fresh taste.

Veal with Oven Veggies – Our Anniversary Dinner

Last week, the husband and I celebrated a major relationship milestone and decided that we would celebrate, Corona be damned. We treated ourselves to a fancy, self-made dinner: veal and veggies.

Pasta Salad

We eat this pasta salad quite often, especially in spring and summer when the weather is nice outside and we do not quite feel like eating “proper” warm meals. The salad is also a great addition to any buffet and brunch.

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