I don’t know about you, but every once in a while I like to have a nice cocktail to ring in the weekend or to celebrate with friends. As this blog grows, I will post more cocktail suggestions, with and without alcohol. Let me know on Instagram or Twitter if you come across an interesting liquor, juice, or other ingredient – I am always interested in developing new combinations of flavors.

Ginger Water

If you are looking for a refreshing (and healthy) beverage to cool off during the summer, ginger water may be the thing for you!

Elderflower Syrup

These past weeks, many gardens in my neighborhood had their elderberry trees in full bloom and the white flowers looked absolutely lovely. Time to make your own syrup!

Maruccia Cocktail

The Maruccia Elixir is a delicious liquor made by a German who has his own vineyard on the island of Mallorca and now cultivates and produces his own wines and liquors. The liquor has a very smooth and fruity taste, especially of oranges.