I have an absolute sweet tooth – desserts are quite easily my favorite part of any meal. Admittedly I might be exaggerating here, but it is my personal belief that having a sweet dessert after a meal makes us more civilized, as it were. 😉 As the blog grows, I will post more and more dessert ideas here, from the more simple to the fancy. Your suggestions and ideas are welcome any time! Just drop me a line on Twitter or on Instagram. 🙂

Watermelon Feta Salad

This salad is wonderfully refreshing, juicy, and sweet – all in one – and perfect for summer picnics or BBQs. You can serve it as side dish, eat it as dessert, or have it for lunch on a particularly hot summer day.

Lemon Sorbet

This lemon sorbet is easy to make and super refreshing, making it the perfect dessert. You can eat it as ice-cream or add a scoop of it to a glass of sparkling wine or elderflower mineral water.

Chocolate-Nougat Ice-Cream with Irish Cream Liqueur

If you love chocolate ice-cream, this one is for you! It has a delicious chocolate-y flavor because of the cocoa, but the nougat also adds a sweet component – the result is a rich and intense ice-cream.

Coffee Crème brûlée

This is a variation on the classic French dessert with a personal connection for me.

Apple Sauce

Apple sauce is a classic dessert in my family. It is easy to make and a yummy and healthy dish for any time of the year.