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Whatever you do, have fun and let me know how your own kitchen exploits turned out!

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Stir-Fry Meal with Vienna Sausage

This stir-fry meal can be cooked in one pot and features lots of different vegetables as well as some Vienna sausages for a twist.

Carrot Soup with Apple & Ginger

Carrot soup is a dish that works the entire year – you can warm yourself with it in winter or eat it cold as a refreshing, light meal in summer. The ginger gives it a bit of a zing while the apple adds a sweet, fruity touch.

Cucumber Salad

This cucumber salad has many happy memories for me because my grandmother used to make it as a side dish when we came over for lunch. I still enjoy it because it has such a fresh taste to it – and because it brings back so many wonderful memories of family lunches at my grandmother’s house.

Bread – Walnuts and Olives

This bread is inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine. The walnuts and the olives give the bread an aromatic taste that you can already smell while it is baking in the oven.

Watermelon Feta Salad

This salad is wonderfully refreshing, juicy, and sweet – all in one – and perfect for summer picnics or BBQs. You can serve it as side dish, eat it as dessert, or have it for lunch on a particularly hot summer day.


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The Basics

On this page, I collect all sorts of general information, tips, and tricks intended to help you in your own kitchen exploits. I have also added the basic recipes to make sourdough and yeast water since I refer to them quite often in my baking posts. I will update this section as needed, so let me know if you think anything is missing here.