When I buy eggs, I usually directly buy the big carton, optimistic that I will use them all in the next few weeks in my various baking and cooking endeavors. But then one thing leads to another and I do not get around to all the things I wanted to try. Long story short, some of the eggs remain in the fridge past their official expiration date. I am usually skeptical when it comes to official expiration dates since most of them are set rather randomly. However, checking whether the egg is still fresh and edible is more tricky since you cannot smell it or look at the yoke without breaking it.

Which of these eggs are still edible?

So, for those of you wanting to check whether those forgotten eggs in the fridge are still edible instead of simply throwing them away, here is an easy trick.

  • Fill a glass with water and put the egg in.
  • If the egg sinks to the bottom, it is still fresh, and you can use it without worries. (picture 1)
  • If the egg sinks down in the glass, yet remains slightly tilted upwards (picture 2), then it is starting to lose its freshness – this means you can still use it, but make sure to cook it really well.
  • If the egg rises to the surface, it is no longer edible, so please throw it away. (picture 3)

In case you are wondering what the science behind this trick is: The older the egg, the more water evaporated in the yoke and the more air has entered the egg. This is why an older egg rises to the surface.

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