One rather random side effect of the global Corona pandemic is that yeast has been completely sold out for weeks here in Germany. As a frequent baker, I started looking for natural, self-made alternatives – in large part also to keep myself busy and convince myself that I still had some control over my life while I self-quarantined and worked from home. As I experimented, I found it easy to make and helpful in baking, so I think I will keep using it.


  • 500 ml water, lukewarm
  • 1 piece of non-sulfured fruit, e.g. dried plums or dates
  • 1 teaspoon of brown sugar
  • 1 glass jar (which can be closed tightly with a lid)

How to Make It

  • Pour the lukewarm water into the jar, add the piece of fruit, and the teaspoon of brown sugar.
  • Close the jar and shake it thoroughly until the sugar has dissolved.
  • For the next 7-8 days, keep the jar at room temperature and stir the water or shake the jar at least twice a day. If you shake the jar, make sure to unscrew the lid for a few seconds before and after shaking so that the jar can air out.
  • Over the course of the week, the water will start to ferment. The water is ready for use once it has the typical sweet, fermented smell.
  • Once the yeast water is done, you can keep the jar in the fridge. Do not forget to stir/shake it at least once a day, though.

I have started to use yeast water regularly and since I bake a lot, the 500 ml never lasted long. Hence, in the pictures below you can see me make the triple amount.

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